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1909TLV is part of the URBANIX Group, a leading real estate group with several branches and four subsidiaries that together drive the urban renewal revolution in Israel. The group has more than 84 projects of TAMA 38 and Evacuation and Construction (Pinui Binui) in various stages throughout the country, and enjoys strong economic stability and financial backing. A team of managers, engineers, architects, analysts and project managers, professional and dedicated, and a clear vision: to bring the best change to the Israeli tenant, and to work for him and his welfare.The group, which has an impressive and exclusive technology division, has a variety of highly-advanced technological and analytical tools developed in-house for the urban renewal industry and mark the beginning of a new era in this field: an era that is more efficient, faster, and more advanced.

The Construction>Evacuation Company
Renewal | Involvement | Community

The Construction>Evacuation Company was established with the aim of bringing a significant change in the field of urban renewal, focusing on the peripheral areas and the specific needs that characterize their residents. The revolution that the Construction>Evacuation Company brought is reflected in its method of work that changes the “order of action” of the evacuation and construction for the welfare of the tenant. First we build and only then evacuate! The main aim of the Construction>Evacuation Company is to bring a real urban renewal in areas that need it, within full urban development adapted to the desires and needs of the residents of each region. This is based on a specific study whose sole purpose is to get to know the community from the inside and bring the change that it truly wishes, and of course, to preserve the existing and beloved social fabric.

החברה לשימור והתחדשות ערים בישראל בע"מ

The Company for Preservation and Renewal of Cities in Israel Ltd

The renewal of neighborhoods and buildings in the city and the granting of a uniform and modern character improve the quality of life of the residents and enabling high standard and more pleasant residential experience. The Company for Preservation and Renewal of Cities in Israel Ltd. is an entrepreneurial company that has made its mark for years in leading projects of preservation, renovation, and improvement of buildings and neighborhoods in Israel, and today it is also behind successful urban renewal projects of thousands of housing units in Tel Aviv, Netanya, Rehovot, Ashkelon, and other cities. The urban renewal revolution led by the Company for Preservation and Renewal of Cities in Israel seeks to “awaken the city”: to paint the cities of Israel in a new color while looking boldly ahead into the future.

החברה להתחדשות נתניה

The Company for the Renewal of Netanya

Netanya has become one of the most attractive cities in Israel and is a magnet for residents who wish to live near the beautiful coastline of Israel, in a lively and colorful city. The Company for the Renewal of Netanya was established with the aim of reviving neighborhoods and buildings in the city’s older neighborhoods and giving its residents a new and modern residential experience in the city they love so much. The company views the urban renewal revolution in Netanya as a rare opportunity to create change and create a new urban environment that gives the city the uniform character of a modern, high standard and beautiful city, in full cooperation with the municipality. The Company for the Renewal of Netanya is intensively active in changing the face of the city, and is currently leading dozens of projects of TAMA 38 and evacuation and construction of buildings throughout the city; some of them in strategic partnership with Azorim Investment Development and Construction (Azorim). One of the most prominent projects of the company is the “Nova” compound built on the ruins of the Orion market in the city center. The market, which has been desolate for many years, has become a residential complex with 79 apartments, alongside a vibrant commercial center with a boulevard of cafes and restaurants, boutique shops, an arts center, offices, and a farmer’s market that operates in the format of a French market. The work on this compound is an example of the company’s unique ability to operate and execute complex projects without disrupting the regular routine of dozens of businesses and thousands of visitors who visit the area every day.

Advisory board

The URBANIX Group is a private company, but is characterized by internal corporate governance similar to that of public companies in terms of financial transparency and corporate governance, supported by an advisory board with four senior members with extensive experience in management, real estate, and the economy:

Ben Zion Zilberperb

Professor of Economics. Member of the Board of Directors, Member of the Resources Committee and Technology Committee and Chairman of the Risk Management Committee of Israel Discount Bank. Formerly a member of the board of audit and investment committees of leading companies in the economy, including the Delek Group, Tamares Real Estate, Infinity Provident Funds, the Israel Electric Corporation, and others.

Doron Arbely

Doron holds a BA in Political Science and Law and an MA in Public Administration. Former Director General of the Postal Bank, Director of the Tax Authority, Senior Vice President for Investigations and Intelligence at the Tax Authority, Head of the Investigations Section at the Customs and VAT Division. Served as a director in government companies and served as a judge in the Disciplinary Tribunal for Salary Matters in the Public Service and as a director in Shikun & Binui.

Alla Felder

Alla holds a BA and MA in Accounting and Business Administration, specializing in finance. Serves as a director of Enlight Renewable Energy Ltd., Netivei Israel (National Transport Infrastructure Company), Ashtrom Properties Ltd., Carmit Industries Ltd. and lecturer in the Directors Course. Advising and accompanying companies in financial aspects and preparation of economic and accounting reviews. Formerly senior manager at the accounting firm PWC.

Gil Hod

Gil holds a BA in Business Administration, Finance and Marketing and holds a license to manage investment portfolios from the Israel Securities Authority. Serves as a director in the Blue Square Group, Polar Investments, the Pension Fund of the Israel Electric Corporation, and other companies. Previously, he served as CEO of Harel Finance, CEO of the financial solutions group Prico PPM and Director of Business Development at HP. Lieutenant Colonel in the reserves.

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