The Company

1909TLV from the URBANIX Group is a company specializing in urban renewal; in Tel Aviv in general and in the heart of the city in particular. The company was established out of a desire to strengthen Tel Aviv’s beloved urban fabric, to create unique value for the property owners and to seal the city streets. The love for architecture in general and for Tel Aviv in particular, and the deep connection to the city’s history and heritage, led us to offer a breakthrough in the area of urban renewal: “TAMA 38 Preservation” and create beautiful properties for the owners of the properties, inspired by the most beautiful buildings in Tel Aviv.

From Planning to Permit – in the Shortest Possible Time

Our extensive familiarity with the plan of the quarters, the spatial guidelines, the policy documents, the planning possibilities and the municipal regulations enable us to plan, design, and execute projects in an accurate manner, while maximizing shortcut of the licensing procedures and obtaining building permits as quickly as possible.

In-house Planning Capabilities

We maintain in-house planning and analysis departments, which enhance our work processes and ensure a finished product tailored to each apartment individually, at the highest level uncompromisingly, while responding to the wishes and dreams of the property owners.

Transparency, Control, and Stability as a Compass

1909TLV is a private company. However, the company’s management is as that of a public company in terms of financial transparency and corporate governance. For example, the company is accompanied by an advisory board of managers, real estate experts, and finance professionals who are among the most talented and well known in the market.

Professionalism, Reliability, and Dedication

One of the most important parameters on the road to a perfect real estate product that meets all the expectations of the customers and even exceeds them is the professionals who are responsible for the work process from beginning to end. In 1909TLV, we assembled a team of the best managers, architects, analysts, and project managers in their field, to create the best product, the best schedule, and the best service.

Prof. Andrea BRUNO, Senior Architect

A world-renowned expert in the field of architectural conservation and renovation of historic buildings, museums and public buildings.
After graduating from the prestigious Faculty of Architecture in Turin, Professor Andrea BRUNO worked on hundreds of projects around the world that earned him international architectural fame. Today, Prof. Andrea BRUNO serves as a senior advisor of UNESCO and manages on his behalf many projects around the world that are designed to preserve the international architectural heritage. To 1909TLV, he brings a unique architectural vision, artistic outlook and brand value for the company’s projects.

David Banino, Founder and CEO

Founder of the URBANIX Group. A well-known Israeli entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in the business world, in the real estate and hi-tech sectors in particular. Over the years, he has initiated and established successful and groundbreaking ventures that employ hundreds of workers and have a great influence on the Israeli economy. David formulated the strategy of 1909TLV with a Zionist desire to take part in the construction and development of the country and thus demonstrates a unique and rare connection to the field work and takes care to personally accompany the initiation, planning and construction processes led by the company.

Tamir Raicher, VP Business Development

A real estate expert with proven experience in improving income-producing properties, and a unique specialization in TAMA 38 (National Master Plan 38) in Tel-Aviv. After years of leading entrepreneurial activity of leading real estate companies, and with academic specialization in taxation of real estate transactions and legal and planning aspects of the real estate worlds, Tamir is now considered one of the leading urban renewal professionals in Israel. In 1909TLV, Tamir is a driving force for growth, excellence, and new initiatives while constantly learning the challenges of the market, and demonstrates creative, courageous, and unique thinking.

Isabella Cantero, Principal Business Manager at the studio of Prof. Andrea BRUNO

Senior consultant in international business. Since 1998, Isabella has provided consulting and accompaniment to a number of business projects worldwide, including in Japan, China, India, Russia and Canada. In addition, she served as President of Consorzio Europe, as VP of the Consorzio Copernico and as Director of a Cultural and Economic Development Organization.

Karin Sachli, director of entrepreneurial activity

An esteemed business and marketing analyst with an academic degree in communications and management. Karin managed the digital marketing activity of the Landwer Cafe chain and served as a personal assistant to senior executives in real estate and public relations for several years. To her activities in 1909TLV Karin brings the ability to analyze the market in depth alongside critical and creative thinking.

Amnon Avidan, project manager

Amnon is a well-known figure in the Tel Aviv landscape. At the age of 14, he joined the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team, where he played for 20 years and even served as the captain of the legendary team. Amnon even get to light the torch at the opening ceremony of the eighth Maccabiah Games in Israel. After his retirement, Amnon continued to be part of the group’s management team in parallel to his activities on the Israel Diamond Exchange. Amnon serves as a project manager and provides professional and dedicated accompaniment to the company’s customers and property owners.

Yosef Mazan, Architectural Design

Architectural and interior design engineer specializing in architecture and construction. In the past he served as a planner at Regba and in leading design and planning firms. Yosef is a leading force in the planning team of 1909TLV, which employs architects, engineers and designers, and compiles the building plans while adapting them to the unique urban fabric of Tel Aviv. In 1909TLV, Yosef integrates different disciplines into the conceptual design stages according to the wishes, dreams, and hopes of the clients.

Daniel Mazeraeti, Architectural Design

Architectural and interior design engineer with experience in designing and preserving buildings, drafting and planning, business licensing, building permits, planning protected spaces, and creating detailed work plans. Today, Daniel leads architectural planning processes at 1909TLV, which include, in addition to the creative side, collection and analysis of information from the authorities, including building permits, urban building scheme, building plans, and future plans.

Sandra Grinberg, project manager

Project Manager specializing in urban renewal. Sandra has led dozens of projects that include hundreds of housing units and is known to become part of the family in every building in which she operates. Sandra provides professional and dedicated accompaniment to 1909TLV customers at all stages of the project.

Michael Banayan, project manager

Lawyer and holds a graduate degree in business administration specializing in finance, former employee of the Prime Minister’s Office and graduate of the prestigious Intelligence Corps program. Michael has extensive experience in collecting, analyzing, and processing quantitative and qualitative information, which is reflected in his work in 1909TLV, with an emphasis on order and execution of the highest standards.