Prof. Andrea BRUNO

Names from right to left – Mr. Ron Huldai, Dr. Yirmi Hoffman, Mr. David Banino, Prof. Andrea BRUNO

With more than 50 years of experience and hundreds of projects around the world, Prof. Andrea BRUNO is considered a world expert in the field of architectural preservation and renovation of historical buildings, museums and public buildings. Professor Andrea BRUNO is known for his original and dynamic style, his courageous views and pioneering thinking, and for this he enjoys international architectural fame.


Global Architectural Fame

Since graduating from the prestigious Faculty of Architecture in Turin, Prof. Andrea BRUNO has made an impact on buildings and properties all over the world. Many of his works are regarded as works of art and are universally recognized: The Museum of Modern Art at the Castle of Rivoli in Italy, the Bagrati Cathedral in Georgia, the Maison D’izieu Museum, the Lichtenberg Castle in France, the Museum of Antiquities in Italy, the Brigittines Theaters in Belgium, PALAZZO Carignano in Italy and more.

Senior Advisor to UNESCO

Since 1974, Prof. Andrea BRUNO has served as a senior advisor to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and is responsible for many projects around the world on its behalf that are designed to preserve the international architectural heritage.

Studio Andrea BRUNO

The architectural firm Andrea BRUNO located in Turin, Italy, is the beating heart of unique architectural works led by the super-architect. The team of creative architects and leading professionals in the firm are responsible for executing dozens of projects that are valued and recognized worldwide.

The properties that will take part in the 1909TLV project of preservation, renovation, and improvement of properties in Tel Aviv, conducted by Prof. Andrea BRUNO will benefit from his vision, extensive experience, and expertise in the field.


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