TAMA 38 Preservation – Living in a Painting

TAMA 38 as You Have Never Known Before

“TAMA 38 Preservation” is a unique TAMA 38 route developed by 1909TLV, which focuses on the planning and execution of TAMA 38 plans in architectural design and offers a unique specification that is usually reserved for preservation of buildings. In contrast to the relatively generic aesthetic change that is customary in the TAMA 38 projects, in 1909TLV we believe in paying attention to the smallest details. Our familiarity with the various architectural disciplines that have made their mark in the city for years allows us to adapt our projects to the same architectural statement and to give them a true look of a “pearl of preservation” that will turn them into an architectural milestone in Tel Aviv. In other words, 1909TLV enables its customers to receive stunningly beautiful properties, which have been radically renewed and changed.

In accordance with the Tel Aviv municipality plan and the spatial guidelines, 1909TLV undertakes to bear all the costs of the improvement process, the work and the upgrades that will be applied to your building without you, the owners of the properties, being required for any type of payment.


Our improvement processes include:

  • Renewal of all public building infrastructures: water, electricity, gas, sewage, communications (replacement of existing and installation of new and advanced infrastructures).
  • Planning and redesigning common building spaces, including lobby, stairwell, garden and courtyard, with emphasis on security and aesthetics.
  • A fundamental change in the exterior of the building, inspired by buildings to be preserved according to a unique architectural plan, which will transform the appearance of the building to a spectacular preservation.
  • Cooperation with the Italian architect Prof. Andrea BRUNO with whom the company works..
  • Increase the area of apartments according to planning possibilities.
  • Strengthening the structure against earthquakes according to standards.
  • A protective solution and / or security units according to planning possibilities.
  • Financing and payment of attorneys’ fees on behalf of tenants.
  • Payment of the cost of the building contractor’s fee on behalf of the tenants.
  • Providing guarantees and collateral to ensure proper execution of the project.


In light of all this, our projects are expected to lead to a significant increase in the value of the property, an increase in yield through its rental and its transformation into a unique architectural treasure in the Tel Aviv landscape.

What exactly is “TAMA 38 Preservation”?

We at 1909TLV design, create and implement exceptional buildings inspired by the beating heart of historic Tel Aviv.
Projects which are architecturally designed and uniquely executed, in a manner that is usually reserved only for preservation buildings, now also in Tama 38.