Branded Architecture

Properties planned by an internationally-renowned architect, enjoy a level of demand, desirability, and economic value that are often ten times higher than ordinary assets.
Branded Architecture is a term that refers to the surplus, added value created for the property, which derives from the identity of the planning architect and the perceived prestige of the property and the building.

Understanding that Branded Architecture has a particularly strong impact in areas where real-estate prices are often determined by perceived luxury, 1909TLV has created a one-of-a-kind collaboration with one of the world’s greatest architects, the Italian architect Professor Andrea BRUNO. Prof. Andrea BRUNO, who serves as a senior advisor to UNESCO, has made an impact on buildings and properties around the world that are designed to preserve the international architectural heritage: The Museum of Modern Art at the Castle of Rivoli in Italy, the Bagrati Cathedral in Georgia, the Maison D’izieu Museum, the Lichtenberg Castle in France, the Museum of Antiquities in Italy, the Brigittines Theaters in Belgium, PALAZZO Carignano in Italy and more.